Cr3ativ Conference
Sept 25, 2015 7pm
44 Frid St, Hamilton ON

Our Host

We're happy to announce that our host for TEDxHamilton 2015: Engineering Grace will be Lisa Hepfner!

The Ideas

Beauty Out of Ugly – Simply Inventive – Society's True Currency – Post-Traumatic Growth – Toddler Urbanism – Sweet Trickery

Image: Webster’s Fall, Hamilton by Paul Bica
Call for Volunteers:
Apply online to volunteer at TEDxHamilton 2015.

Hello Hamilton, Again

Last year we brought back TEDxHamilton after several years of inactivity. We enjoyed a successful event with great speakers and feedback was positive.

It felt great to showcase stories from around the city, and share ideas and moments between communities. We want to build on that momentum, and are happy to announce that TEDx will return to Hamilton in 2015.